Sunday, December 14, 2008

Google Chrome is now STABLE! Release

Google Chrome is now officially out of Beta

After 100 days of development and performance tuning Google Chrome can now leave the BETA tag and become official release.

All the user will get automatic updated to the latest release over the next few days, or download it here.


Note to Dev channel users: The Dev channel release will stay at The current stable release is the same as the current Dev channel release without the Hotmail fix (which hasn't been tested enough to release to all users). An update is coming next week.

Bugs Fixed

  • [r6418] Allows Google Desktop links to launch Google Chrome as the default browser
  • [r6421] Fixes a crash when opening the Options dialog on 64-bit Windows (issue 49)
  • [r6464] Changes the accelerator keys for the Javascript debugger (Ctrl+Shift+L) and Javascript console (Ctrl+Shift+J). (Issues 3696, 5087)
  • [r6467] Fixes an issue with displaying unicode characters in some fonts. (Issue 5139)
  • [r6482] Fixes issues with composing mail and switching folders in Hotmail. Hotmail still does not properly recognize Google Chrome, so to use the site, you have to add the following to the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome: (not in this release)
  • [r6492] Fixes the problem with 'Text zoom' being untranslated in non-English locales. (Issue 4591)
  • [r5556] Fix issue 343, Chinese Sogou input method loses first letter.
  • [r5927] Fix the crash in issue 4582
  • [r5931] Fix the crash in issue 3899
  • [r5938] Fix the crash in issue 4731
  • [r5943] Fix the crash in issue 4740
  • [r5950] Fix the crash in issue 4684
  • [r5996] Fix issue 4750, Position the Bookmark manager context menu properly in right-to-left languages.
  • [r6002, r6027] Fix crashes in focus manager, issues 3895, 4633, and 4714
  • [r6016] Attempt to fix scrolling for mice/trackpads with older drivers.
  • [r6029] Fix issue 4691, Ensure context menus appear on Silverlight plugin frames.
  • [r6128] Fix a black background flash when resizing Street View windows with Flash 10.
  • [r6228] Update V8 to to fix a slowdown in Date() functions on Windows XP SP3.
  • Attempt to fix the crash in issue 4832