Sunday, December 14, 2008

Google Chrome is now STABLE! Release

Google Chrome is now officially out of Beta

After 100 days of development and performance tuning Google Chrome can now leave the BETA tag and become official release.

All the user will get automatic updated to the latest release over the next few days, or download it here.


Note to Dev channel users: The Dev channel release will stay at The current stable release is the same as the current Dev channel release without the Hotmail fix (which hasn't been tested enough to release to all users). An update is coming next week.

Bugs Fixed

  • [r6418] Allows Google Desktop links to launch Google Chrome as the default browser
  • [r6421] Fixes a crash when opening the Options dialog on 64-bit Windows (issue 49)
  • [r6464] Changes the accelerator keys for the Javascript debugger (Ctrl+Shift+L) and Javascript console (Ctrl+Shift+J). (Issues 3696, 5087)
  • [r6467] Fixes an issue with displaying unicode characters in some fonts. (Issue 5139)
  • [r6482] Fixes issues with composing mail and switching folders in Hotmail. Hotmail still does not properly recognize Google Chrome, so to use the site, you have to add the following to the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome: (not in this release)
  • [r6492] Fixes the problem with 'Text zoom' being untranslated in non-English locales. (Issue 4591)
  • [r5556] Fix issue 343, Chinese Sogou input method loses first letter.
  • [r5927] Fix the crash in issue 4582
  • [r5931] Fix the crash in issue 3899
  • [r5938] Fix the crash in issue 4731
  • [r5943] Fix the crash in issue 4740
  • [r5950] Fix the crash in issue 4684
  • [r5996] Fix issue 4750, Position the Bookmark manager context menu properly in right-to-left languages.
  • [r6002, r6027] Fix crashes in focus manager, issues 3895, 4633, and 4714
  • [r6016] Attempt to fix scrolling for mice/trackpads with older drivers.
  • [r6029] Fix issue 4691, Ensure context menus appear on Silverlight plugin frames.
  • [r6128] Fix a black background flash when resizing Street View windows with Flash 10.
  • [r6228] Update V8 to to fix a slowdown in Date() functions on Windows XP SP3.
  • Attempt to fix the crash in issue 4832

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Google Chrome issue with Facebook

From some days I'm trying use my Facebook with Google Chrome and it work fine and fast.

Today I tryed delete a comment on my wall and nothings happen using Google Chrome, in IE and Firefox it is ok...

I'm trying to understand what is happened and if this can be an issue of Chrome, sure I report this "bug" to Google Chrome developer team...

hope a solusion coming soon.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Google Chrome RELEASED

This release fixes the top issues we've heard about from people using the Beta release, especially with plugins (the programs that show video on sites like YouTube).


Wonderful! Google fix the freeze in Chrome caused by some plugins like Flash, very noise... now you can watch Yotube Videos and navigate on other windows without any problem!!!

Reading and scrolling PDF in Chrome  is now very fast, unlike it was sice release

I Think Google is doing a good Work.

Top Issues Fixed

  • Scrolling with laptop touchpads now works.
  • Improved performance and reliability for plugins (like Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, and Windows Media). We fixed issues with video not loading, stopping after a second, and slowing down or freezing Google Chrome (100% CPU usage).
  • Fixed the 'chrome has crashed' message when you close a tab that was showing PDF using Adobe Reader 9.
  • We no longer store data from secure sites (they use https: and show a lock in the address bar) in your history. You can still search your history for the site's address, but not the contents on the page.
  • Improved performance and reliability for people who use web proxies (thanks to griffinz for the fixes).

Security Update

  • This release fixes an issue with address spoofing in pop-ups. A site could convince a user to click a link to open a pop-up window. The window's address bar could be manipulated to show a different address than the actual origin of the content.
    Security rating: Medium. This flaw could be used to mislead people about the origin of a web site in order to get them to divulge  sensitive information.
    Disclosed by: Liu Die Yu of the TopsecTianRongXin research lab.

Changes to how things look and work

  • The New tab, New window, and New incognito window options moved from the 'Control the current page' menu to the 'Customize and control Google Chrome' (wrench) menu. Thanks to Szymon Piechowicz for the patch. 
  • 'New incognito window' always opens a new window. 'New window' always opens a new normal window. Both options are always visible on the wrench menu.
  • The spell checker works on text input fields and underlines misspelled words. You can now add words to the spell check dictionary so they are not shown as misspelled (right click on a misspelled word and choose 'Add to dictionary...').
  • The download behavior for files that could run programs (exe, dll, bat, etc.) has changed. These files are now downloaded to unconfirmed_*.download files. Google Chrome asks you if you want to accept the download. Only after you click Save is the unconfirmed_*.download file converted to the real file name. Downloads that you never confirm are deleted when Google Chrome exits.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Chrome News in Dev Release

Google Chrome has been released to the Dev channel ONLY.

See for information about subscribing to the Google Chrome Dev channel.
Reminder: please file (or update existing) issues at
r2266 Fix scrolling (cannot scroll up) with touchpads on most laptops. Issue 4.
r2334 Fix the problem in 152.1 with the About box spinning forever to check for updates and leaving behind an orphaned chrome.exe process. Issue 2362
r2282 and r2320 Remove the separate installer for the Gears component. It is now installed as a versioned component alongside chrome.dll. When (or later) is installed successfully, the previous version of Gears is uninstalled.

New Network and Window Managers: Testers Wanted

To use the new backend features, you can add a command line flag to the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome. You can have multiple flags, so you can test both features if you want. To add a command line flag, right click the Google Chrome shortcut, choose Properties, and edit the Target field. You can just add the new flags at the end of the Target line.
The new command line flags are:

Enables the new network layer. This is nearly complete, but there are still be some things that don't work. Areas that need more attention: SSL and SSL-EV sites, proxies (especially requiring authentication), very large downloads (>2GB).Please put [new-http] in the description for any bugs you file.
Enables the new tab and window manager code. The code has been refactored to help make it more portable, easier to add new features, and make it more Windows-friendly. Things like ' Tile windows horizontally' or extensions that manage multiple desktops/monitors should work, the full Google Chrome window menu is available when you right click a pop-up or application window title bar, and pop-up address bars looks nicer.A couple of known issues on Vista (already fixed, but not in time for this release): the new tab button does not work and you cannot resize windows. :(
Please put [magic_browzR] in the description for any bugs you file.
Other Notable Changes
User Interface
r2026 Double-clicking a tab's entry in Google Chrome's task manager (Shift+Esc) brings that tab to the foreground.
r2222 Your choices for Clear browsing data... are saved so the same boxes are checked the next time you open the dialog.
r2322 Add an "Add to dictionary..." option to the right-click menu for misspelled words. Use this to add a word so that Google Chrome does not highlight it as misspelled.
r2412 Fix an issue that could prevent users from saving bookmarks. Issue 1946.
r2413 Allow mutiple bookmarks to refer to the same URL (which can be useful if you want a bookmark on the bookmarks bar and also saved under Other bookmarks). To get a new bookmark for a URL, either drop a link on the bookmarks bar (not by dragging the star) or right-click the Bookmarks bar and choose Add page...
r2504 Adds a Page info option to the context menu (right click). This brings up the same information as double clicking the lock or warning icon in the address bar of an SSL page.


r2400 Add support for Adobe Reader's fast web view, which fixes a performance problem loading PDF files. Issue 206.
Javascript/Web API
r2061 Add anti-aliasing support for SVG shape-rendering="crispEdges".
r2250 Make navigator.language reflect the current UI language for Google Chrome instead of the operating system. Issue 1862.
SSL and SafeBrowsing
r1998 Fix a problem with links or redirects to pages containing malware. The warning page now correctly identifies the new page as the malware host, rather than the previous page.
r2098 Add support for Extended Validation (EV) certificates from GlobalSign.
r2363 Add support for Extended Validation (EV) certificates from CyberTrust.
Tab Model Rewrite (--magic_browzR)
r1996 Fix several issues on Vista, most notably that tabs were not selectable with the mouse.
r2205 Allow windows to be resized on Vista
r2406 Fix an issue with tooltips showing up in the wrong location.
r2223 Turn off making a request to determine the local URL for Google (,, etc) when Google is not your default search provider.
r2323 (related to r2223) Don't set a cookie when making a request to determine the local URL for Google.
r2287 Fix a problem that prevented Google Chrome from being uninstalled immediately. Issue 2321
r2457 Fix the Open dialog (Ctrl+O) so that it does not lock the directory from which you open a file. Issue 2617.
r2466 Fix proxy exceptions that include upper-case characters. Issue 541.
r2028 Fix a crash when using Find next (F3). Issue 1669,
r2090 Fix a crash when using View Source on an https page. Issue

Google Chrome last update and hot fix..coming soon

Some important changes are coming soon in Google Chrome.
Actual release is, but the programmers are working hard to 
make Google Chrome faster, more reliable and user-friendly.

I'd like report here the most important changes and hot-fixes tha will be included in the next realease of BigG Browser.

Actually on the Dev Channel you can download the version.

Mayor changes in are:

Release Notes:

Oct 3, 2008 7:55 PM posted by Mark Larson

Google Chrome has been released to the Dev channel ONLY.

See for information about subscribing to the Google Chrome Dev channel.

Reminder: please file (or update existing) issues at 

Highlights: Plugin Fixes

This release includes several changes that improve the performance of plugins, especially Adobe Flash video.
  • r2459r2744 Improve the performance and scrolling of plugins. This especially improves pages with multiple plugins playing video. Note to developers: this affects windowless plugins only. (Issue 93)
  • r2539 Fixes plugins not playing when embedded in a third-party frame on a page (Issue 1533)
  • r2740 Fixes a problem where using Flash plugins could lock up Google Chrome and cause 100% CPU usage (Issue 387Issue 772)

New Network Layer: Testers Wanted

We're just about ready to turn on the new HTTP networking code by default. There are a few remaining bugs, mostly in handling SSL edge cases and HTTP authentication.

To use the new HTTP code, you can add a command line flag to the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome. To add a command line flag, right click the Google Chrome shortcut, choose Properties, and edit the Target field. You can just add the new flags at the end of the Target line.

The new command line flag is:


Enables the new network layer. Please put [new-http] in the description for any bugs you file.

Other Notable Changes

User Interface

  • r2474 'Duplicate' (right click on a tab > Duplicate) opens a new tab instead of a new window.
  • r2631r2678 Adds the ability to sort table views in the user interface and turns it on for the keyword editor (Options > Basics > Default search: Manage) and cookie manager (Options > Under the hood > Show cookies).
  • r2643 Makes the link in the About box clickable. The link opens a page acknowledging the authors and license terms of third party code and software used in Google Chrome.
  • r2645 Keeps focus on the last match after the Find in page box is closed. (Issue 455)
  • r2704 Ctrl+S now brings up a Save Page dialog. (Issue 1653)

Search Engines and Suggest Services

  • r2564r2623 Fixes search results when the default search provider is (or and enables search suggestions for (French) and (Korean).
  • r2630 Fixes a problem with importing Windows Live Search as the default search engine.

JavaScript/Web API

  • r2571 Adds a command line switch to set the user agent string for testing: --user-agent="some string". We'll be making changes to the user agent string before we exit Beta, and this will help in testing site compatibility. This isn't really Web API, but seems mostly of interest to web developers.

You can download last Dev Release by following
this istructions

Monday, September 29, 2008

Change Google Chrome Theme Easily

Is changing Google Chrome Theme too hard operation for you ?


With XChrome Theme Manager you can easily and quick managing & Installing Google Chrome Themes.

Xchrome Theme Manager is still in beta is, but it has pretty good features.
List of features of Xchrome Google Theme Manager

- Automates the Installation of Google Chrome themes

- One place to download and install Google Chrome themes

- Lets you to Edit and build Google Chrome Themes

- List all Google Chrome installed Theme with preview and theme author details

- Theme Installer makes Chrome theme installation one single step process

- Theme Maker to create your own custom Google Chrome Themes

Install Instructions:
1) Download the .zip file.
2) Extract the files to a folder
3) Run Xchrome.exe (it adds some entries to the registry for Paths to Xchrome files)
4) Execute any theme.exe built within Xchromes theme builder (Xchrome doesn’t need to be running)

Add Home Button to Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Open Options menu in the upper-right corner of the toolbar.

3. On the Basics tab, go down to the Home page section and check the Show Home button on the toolbar checkbox.

4. Click the Close button.

Now your Home button is where it should be.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to create Google Chrome Theme

1. Download and install Google Chrome (
2. Download and install Resource Hacker (
3. Open Resource hacker and goto > file > open,
4. XP : Navigate to [LOCAL DRIVE LETTER]:Documents and Settings[Username]Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplication.2.149.27Themes
VISTA : [LOCAL DRIVE LETTER]:Users[Username]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication.2.149.27Themes
5. Within that directory there should be “default.dll” -> Open it with Resource Hacker
6. Right Click on BINDATA and click “Save [BINDATA] Resources
7. Make a new folder on your desktop called “BINDATA” and save the file as “1,txt”
8. You should now have a directory called “BINDATA” on your desktop
- Opening it should reveal many files.
9. DELETE “1.txt” within that directory. You should still be left with many files.
10. Open up Command Prompt - START>>RUN>>”CMD”
11. Navigate to the “BINDATA” Directory
- To go up a directory in CMD type “cd..”
- To access a directory type “cd [directory name]“
- So when I opened CMD I typed in the following:
- cd “c:documents and settings**MY USERNAME**desktopBINDATA”
12. Once you have navigated to the BINDATA folder which you created, type in “ren *.bin *.png”
13. If you open up the BINDATA folder you should find a tonne of PNG files all making up the Chrome GUI.
14. You need to go through and open the ones you want to change. If you don’t have Photoshop/fireworks or some other photo/image editing application then download GIMP ( or GIMPshop (

15. Once you have edited all the files you want to open up Resource Hacker again!
16. This is the really really boring bit! (sorry)
17. In the directory tree, open up BINDATA > 9000 > Now Right click on 1033 and click Replace Resource
- In the dialog box, click “open file with new resource”
- Navigate to your BINDATA folder
- All the PNG files in this folder should be named numerically (e.g. DATA_1, DATA_2 etc.)
- Select the first PNG (probably “DATA_1.png” and click open.
- There should now be three empty text input boxes
- in “RESOURCE NAME” enter “9000″ (or whichever directory you’re within) (If you are replacing the resource under “9001″ then enter “9001″ here etc. etc.)
- in “RESOURCE LANGUAGE” enter “1033″
18. Repeat step 17 for every single resource under BINDATA. (VERY TEDIOUS)
- Remember to change “RESOURCE NAME” each time you do this, second time it will be “9001″, then “9002″… etc….
19. The numbers within your BINDATA folder (on your desktop) may NOT correspond to the resource names under BINDATA in resource hacker, so don’t worry about that - you’ll have to progressively work your way through the resources.
20. WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED (should take about 2-3 years) in Resource hacker go > file > save - NOW RESTART CHROME!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to Change Google Chrome Theme

To install these themes, download your desired theme then uncompressed it and copy the default.dll file(found in zip) and replace the once found in

For Windows XP Users:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes\

For Windows Vista Users:

Note: Don’t forget to make backup of default theme file before replacing with new one.

Dowload Themes

Google Chrome Dark Theme

Google Chrome Green Theme

Google Chrome Orange Theme

Google Chrome White Theme

Google Chrome Chocolate Theme

Google Chrome Firefox Theme

Google Chrome Safari Theme

Chrome Tips: Resizing TextBox Area

Another interesting new feature in Google Chrome is the abilty to resize any multiline text box area.
It is very easy to use this feature. Whenever you find a Multi-line Text Box in a web form while browsing through Google Chrome, you would find a small grey dotted right-angled triangle on the lower right hand corner of the Text Box. The screen shot is shown below..

Resizing TextBox Area in google Chrome

Just click on this triangle & drag your mouse according to your needs to resize the Text Box. (Note: The Mouse Pointer does not change when the Mouse is kept over this triangle)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Google Chrome version Released!

The biggest change in this release is that we no longer save data from secure sites in your local history database:
Google Chrome keeps a searchable history of pages you visit. This history is only stored locally on your computer. Previously, this searchable history included the text from secure sites, such as your online bank (any sites using SSL for security).
As Google Chrome won't be saving this text from secure pages in its local history, the address bar and local history will no longer find data from secure sites you've visited

Major Changes:

  1. Improve update more reliable
  2. Improved Flash performance
  3. Fixed compatibility with other plugins
  4. Made fixes to how Google Chrome handles JavaScript

Change Log

Google Chrome version was released on 17 September 2008. Users will get automatic updates over the next few days.

Security Updates

  • [r2042] Fix a potential denial of service with very long title attributes on tags. The title attribute sets the tooltip text when you hover the mouse over an element.
    Security Rating: Low risk. This can lead to 100% CPU usage or a tab crash.
    More information:

Other Changes

  • [r1927] Stop adding content from HTTPS sites to the searchable index.
    Google Chrome keeps a searchable history of pages you visit. This history is only stored locally on your computer. Previously, this searchable history included the text from secure sites, such as your online bank (any sites using SSL for security). Google Chrome no longer saves text from secure pages in its local history. The address bar and local history search page will no longer find data from secure sites you have visited.

    If you are concerned about data that might have been indexed for searching before this release, you can follow the Google Chrome Help Center instructions for
    clearing your browsing history.
  • [r1978] Don't send sensitive URLs to search suggest services. Google Chrome stops sending data to a suggest service if the typed URL:
    • contains a username:password field (
    • has query parameters (the trailing ?param=data following the URL)
    • is an https URL with any path component (any part following the hostname, such as /path in

  • [r1848, r1943, r2003] Fixes to the Google Chrome updater to make updates more reliable.
  • [r1859] Fix problems with Flash not playing video if too many connections are opened. For example, using the slider to advance video on YouTube could cause video to stop playing.

  • [r2059] Allow JavaScript to communicate with Java applets. Fixes bug 580.

  • [r1299] JavaScript: Dispatch contextmenu events after mouseup events. This fixes the right-click menu not working on Google Spreadsheets. Fixes bug 745.

  • [r1692] Fix crashes with some plugins --3dvia was the most widely reported-- when they return an error for NPN_GetValue. Fixes bug 493.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How To: Change Google Chrome User Agent

You can do lot of interesting things on the web if you know how to modify the user-agent string of a web browser. For instance, change the Chrome user-agent string to that of iPhone Safari and you’ll be to read popular magazines for free.

Or change the user-agent to Googlebot and you get to read Wall St. Journal stories without subscribing. Or use the user-agent of Opera Mini phone browser and see mobile versions of web pages even on the desktop.

While it is relatively easy to edit the User-Agent string of Firefox, IE, Flock or Apple Safari through add-ons and registry hacks but you don’t have that luxury in Chrome since Google’s browser doesn’t support external add-ons yet.

iPhone version of Zinio Magazines in Google Chrome

It is however possible to change the user-agent of Google Chrome via the following hack - open Chrome.dll file inside a Hex viewer, search for the Chrome User Agent string and overwrite (not insert) that with the user-agent of another browser.  Thanks Ramzalot.


Here are the full steps involved:

0. Make a backup of chrome.dll file - the file is available in the 0.2.xx folder of your Chrome installation folder (refer to #2).

1. Open chrome.dll inside Xvi32 and search for a patten that matches the default user agent string for Google Chrome :

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/0.X.Y.Z Safari/525.13.


2. Point the cursor to the letter M and choose Edit -> Overwrite String. Paste the user-agent of any other browser here. For instance, the strings for iPhone and Google spiders are:

Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/1A543 Safari/419.3

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

3. Close Google Chrome (if running) and then save the chrome.dll file inside the hex editor. Restart chrome.exe and type about: in the address bar to confirm if the user agent has changed. If you have trouble opening chrome after making the above changes, just delete the modified chrome.dll file and replace it with the old backup.

iPhone mobile version of Google Reader in Google Chrome

As an example, I change the user agent of Google Chrome to iPhone and that is the reason why Google opening the iPhone optimized version of Google Reader even inside Chrome.

If you plan to use this trick more frequently, a better option is that you create multiple copies of chrome.dll - one per user agent. Now if you want Chrome to emulate IE or Firefox, just make rename the chrome-firefox.dll or chrome-iphone.dll to chrome.dll.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google Chrome Trick: Calculate from Omnibox!

Google Chrome Trick: Calculate from Omnibox!

Google Chrome is a pretty fascinating browser. With the power of Google Search available from the address bar itself, you can actually conduct searches from the Omnibox itself.

Just type in a calculation. You do not even need to press enter. As the answer would just arrive in the drop down section!

google chrome math trick

How To Backup Google Chrome Browser

Here is a simple way to backup the preference and settings of Google chrome browser.This is a manual way in which you don’t need to download any freeware software.

Doing a backup of Google Chrome settings


This will let you backup the whole Google chrome web browser settings which means you cannot backup the passwords,cache,saved option or bookmarks.

Just go to run (windows+r) and type the following

C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

google_backup_chromeMake sure you change the  to your system account name and change the drive depending on the OS installed.Now a window pops out showing cache,plugins,web history and many more files.Copy the file named Preference and save it anywhere in your hard disk.Next time when your chrome crashes then download and re install Google chrome and paste the “Preference” file back to the same folder to retrieve the preference and settings!


This is another way to do a full backup of Chrome browser by downloading a freeware software.

Using Google chrome backup software


Download a free software called “Google chrome backup” which will not only backup Google chrome data but also restore it easily! Chrome data includes all settings/preference including password backup,bookmark backup,cache and also other saved option which are both backed up and restored (whole profile) using Google chrome backup freeware.

Google Chrome Trick - Changing The Default Search Engine

Google web browser has very minimum option for customization as it is already built to suit the Internet users,if you have Google chrome browser downloaded on your PC then you will know that the browser has a smart address bar which also acts as search engine,this means you can type the website address with automatic url suggestion as well as search in search engine using the same bar.


When you are done with installation of Chrome,you will have a option to change the search engine and also to import the password,history and bookmarks from other browser (backup and restore the chrome profile).If you have skipped changing the search engine then Google chrome will have a default search engine set which is “”.Also chrome can be empowered with firefox chrome addon/extension. If you are a user who uses other search engine like yahoo,MSN live search then here is a simple trick to change the default search engine.

Open your Chrome browser and using your mouse,right click on the address bar,this shows up various things like paste,paste and go and Edit search engine.


Click on Edit search engine and a dialog box will appear with information about the various default and other search engine available.


Click on Add or choose from the existing search engine and click on Make default.Alternately you can choose Yahoo,MSN live search engine and make is as default, also you can remove any search engine or add local search engine easily!

Mouse Around Chrome

Despite its marketing as a minimalistic browser that forgoes all the extras, Chrome's interface actually sports quite a few useful features. Here are a few that will speed up your browsing with the mouse even more:
  • Click and hold (or right-click) the Back or Forward button to go directly to a page far behind or forward in your browsing history.

  • When you've got a URL on your clipboard, right-click Chrome's address bar to Paste and go to your destination (and save yourself an extra tap on the Enter key).

  • Click and drag any textarea corner to resize it to your liking; great for blog comments, web email, or forums with textareas that aren't big enough to accommodate your masterpiece.

  • Ctrl+Mousewheel to zoom in or out of pages in Chrome.

  • Drag and drop downloads out of Chrome's status bar and onto your desktop to save them there, or into any Explorer window to save them there. (You already know you can drag and drop a Chrome tab out into a new window, or back into an existing Chrome window to dock it there.)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trouble installing Google Chrome?

Are you having trouble installing Google Chrome? These instructions 
will show you how to create a log file and send them to the Google 
Chrome team for investigation. 

Please note: It may contain your Windows username, as these are part 
of many Windows file paths. No other personally identifiable 
information will be included, just data around your system and Google 
Chrome's ability to install. 

For Chrome Installer Log: 
These instructions involve editing your registry.  If you're 
or unfamiliar with editing your registry, you may want to consult 
someone before 
following these instructions. 

1. Create a new registry entry under 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Update of type REG_SZ with the name 
"ChromeInstallerCleanup" and value "0". 

2. Run ChromeSetup again. 

3. Check under C:\Document and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp (on 
Windows XP) or C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp (on Vista) for a 
folder with the name CR_* 

4. Go into that folder. There should be two files - setup.exe and a 
chrome.7z file. Compress chrome.7z file using 7zip compression utility 
and name it as chrome.packed.7z. For more information about 7zip, see 

5. Open the command prompt (Start > Run > "cmd"), then navigate to the 
folder listed above. Once in that folder in the command prompt, 
execute this command: 

setup.exe --verbose-logging --install-archive=7z> 

6. Look under C:\Document and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp (on 
XP) or C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp (on Vista) for a file a 
called chrome_installer.log. 

7. Open this file, select and copy the text, and paste it into your 
Help Group post. 

Including this data will help the Google Chrome team understand 
exactly where the installer is running into trouble. We can then 
speedily work with you on a fix. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tip: Changing the Icons on the Bookmarks Bar

I figured out a way to change the icons on the Bookmarks bar after I
got tired of the default icon showing for all of my bookmarklets.
You'll need the SQLite Database Browser (free).

First, you'll need to download and install the free SQLite Database browser.

Now, open Google Chrome and visit the site(s) that have the favicon you want displayed in your Bookmarks bar. After you have completed this, close Google Chrome.

We are ready to change icons:

1. Open SQLite Database browser.

2. Go to the toolbar and select the Open (folder) icon to bring up the Open window.

3. When the open window appears, you will need to browse to the following directory:

In Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

In Windows Vista:

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Note: change username to your username.

4. Open the History file.

5. Select the Browse Data tab.

6. Select urls from the Table dropdown.

7. The table will appear with the following columns: id, url, title, visit_count, typed_count, last_visit_time, hidden, favicon_id and starred_id. Our main focus will be on the favicon_id and starred_id columns, but you will need to pay attention to the title column as well. Any row that has a value other than 0 in the starred_id column is a bookmark. Any row that has a value other than 0 in the favicon_id column has an icon associated with it (if it has a 0, it will use the default icon).

8. Locate one of the sites you browsed to earlier that contains the desired favicon that you wish to use. Make sure it has a value in the favicon_id column. When you have located it, make note of the value that is in the favicon_id column.

9. Now locate the bookmark that you want to assign the favicon to. The title may appear more than once, so you must make sure that you select the record that has a value in the starred_id column.

10. Double-click the favicon_id record (the one that is 0) to open the Edit database cell window.

11. Change the 0 to the value you got from Step 8.

12. Click the Apply Changes button.

13. Repeat this process until you have finished assigning icons to your bookmarks.

14. Go to the toolbar and click the Save icon.

Now open up Google Chrome and check out your Bookmarks bar.

Tip for "never remember password" in Google Chrome

If you have accidentally selected "never remember password" and now your password
will not auto populate for your gmail account there is a way to undo

You'll have to clear your browsing history, and then revisit Gmail and
login, and Chrome will then again ask you to remember your password
for it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Google Chrome Startup Switches

A Complete list to Google Chrome Startup Switches...
see below


For a list of startup switches that can be speed up you Google Chrome click here

Speed Up your Google Chrome Browser

If you are not fully satisfied about Google Chrome speed you have to know there are some interesting tricks that can speed up your preffered Browser (Chrome).

There are a lot Startup Switches that can be activeted when launching  Google Chrome, some examples:


To launch Google Chrome with this option you have to

use a startup switch: create a new Chrome shortcut on your desktop (or elsewhere). Right-click it and choose Properties. In the Target field, add the switch in question immediately following the path to chrome.exe

For a complete list of Startup switches see here
and here

Google Chrome: Features Overview

I would like suggest to you this great video about Google Chrome new Features and GUI Overview.

If you don't have installed Google Chrome yet or if u think don't know all its features, try to take a view this presentation

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Use Multiple Google Accounts Simultaneously in Google Chrome

Google Chrome's incognito mode is less sophisticated than IE8's InPrivate browsing, but it has a feature that will be useful for those who have more than one Google account.

When you open a window in incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N), your cookies from the standard session are no longer available and you can easily log in to a new Google account.

Chrome's help center has more details about this feature. "Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito won't be logged in your browsing and download histories; all new cookies are deleted after you close the incognito window. You can browse normally and in incognito mode at the same time by using separate windows." Michael Jeffrey explains that "incognito mode is a window-level mode - all pages viewed within this window are not persisted to the user's history, and incognito pages use a temporary cookie store that is blank at the start of the incognito session"

When you close the incognito window, all the cookies are deleted so you need to log in again the next time you browse in incognito mode. This trick can be used for any other services that allow multiple accounts, but you can only use two accounts at the same time: one in a standard window and the other one in incognito mode.

Monday, September 8, 2008

BUG: Google Chrome not compatible with Google Group Page editing

I was going to edit a Page in a Google group forum but the edit button
is not available and an error message under the button says:
Page editing not supported in your web browser. Download a new copy of
Firefox or Internet Explorer to edit pages.

Version 149.29 released! Google Chrom Update and Bug Fix

Google Chrome has realease an update that fixes many of the 
issues reported here, including: 

- the ":%" error 
- Javascript trouble on Facebook 
- confirmed security vulnerabilities 

You should be automatically updated soon, but if you'd like these 
important fixes now, follow the instructions here: 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Can't run or uninstall Google Chrome

If you are unable to run Google Chrome, then when you try to uninstall it the folks in this thread have come across a great workaround:

You'll want to read the details in that thread, but in short: removing ctfmon.exe will resolve this issue. You can learn more about ctfmon.exe here:

Please note that this workaround may cause trouble for some users who type in non-English languages, and we're definitely working hard on a fix for everyone.