Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Chrome last update and hot fix..coming soon

Some important changes are coming soon in Google Chrome.
Actual release is, but the programmers are working hard to 
make Google Chrome faster, more reliable and user-friendly.

I'd like report here the most important changes and hot-fixes tha will be included in the next realease of BigG Browser.

Actually on the Dev Channel you can download the version.

Mayor changes in are:

Release Notes:

Oct 3, 2008 7:55 PM posted by Mark Larson

Google Chrome has been released to the Dev channel ONLY.

See for information about subscribing to the Google Chrome Dev channel.

Reminder: please file (or update existing) issues at 

Highlights: Plugin Fixes

This release includes several changes that improve the performance of plugins, especially Adobe Flash video.
  • r2459r2744 Improve the performance and scrolling of plugins. This especially improves pages with multiple plugins playing video. Note to developers: this affects windowless plugins only. (Issue 93)
  • r2539 Fixes plugins not playing when embedded in a third-party frame on a page (Issue 1533)
  • r2740 Fixes a problem where using Flash plugins could lock up Google Chrome and cause 100% CPU usage (Issue 387Issue 772)

New Network Layer: Testers Wanted

We're just about ready to turn on the new HTTP networking code by default. There are a few remaining bugs, mostly in handling SSL edge cases and HTTP authentication.

To use the new HTTP code, you can add a command line flag to the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome. To add a command line flag, right click the Google Chrome shortcut, choose Properties, and edit the Target field. You can just add the new flags at the end of the Target line.

The new command line flag is:


Enables the new network layer. Please put [new-http] in the description for any bugs you file.

Other Notable Changes

User Interface

  • r2474 'Duplicate' (right click on a tab > Duplicate) opens a new tab instead of a new window.
  • r2631r2678 Adds the ability to sort table views in the user interface and turns it on for the keyword editor (Options > Basics > Default search: Manage) and cookie manager (Options > Under the hood > Show cookies).
  • r2643 Makes the link in the About box clickable. The link opens a page acknowledging the authors and license terms of third party code and software used in Google Chrome.
  • r2645 Keeps focus on the last match after the Find in page box is closed. (Issue 455)
  • r2704 Ctrl+S now brings up a Save Page dialog. (Issue 1653)

Search Engines and Suggest Services

  • r2564r2623 Fixes search results when the default search provider is (or and enables search suggestions for (French) and (Korean).
  • r2630 Fixes a problem with importing Windows Live Search as the default search engine.

JavaScript/Web API

  • r2571 Adds a command line switch to set the user agent string for testing: --user-agent="some string". We'll be making changes to the user agent string before we exit Beta, and this will help in testing site compatibility. This isn't really Web API, but seems mostly of interest to web developers.

You can download last Dev Release by following
this istructions