Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Chrome News in Dev Release

Google Chrome has been released to the Dev channel ONLY.

See for information about subscribing to the Google Chrome Dev channel.
Reminder: please file (or update existing) issues at
r2266 Fix scrolling (cannot scroll up) with touchpads on most laptops. Issue 4.
r2334 Fix the problem in 152.1 with the About box spinning forever to check for updates and leaving behind an orphaned chrome.exe process. Issue 2362
r2282 and r2320 Remove the separate installer for the Gears component. It is now installed as a versioned component alongside chrome.dll. When (or later) is installed successfully, the previous version of Gears is uninstalled.

New Network and Window Managers: Testers Wanted

To use the new backend features, you can add a command line flag to the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome. You can have multiple flags, so you can test both features if you want. To add a command line flag, right click the Google Chrome shortcut, choose Properties, and edit the Target field. You can just add the new flags at the end of the Target line.
The new command line flags are:

Enables the new network layer. This is nearly complete, but there are still be some things that don't work. Areas that need more attention: SSL and SSL-EV sites, proxies (especially requiring authentication), very large downloads (>2GB).Please put [new-http] in the description for any bugs you file.
Enables the new tab and window manager code. The code has been refactored to help make it more portable, easier to add new features, and make it more Windows-friendly. Things like ' Tile windows horizontally' or extensions that manage multiple desktops/monitors should work, the full Google Chrome window menu is available when you right click a pop-up or application window title bar, and pop-up address bars looks nicer.A couple of known issues on Vista (already fixed, but not in time for this release): the new tab button does not work and you cannot resize windows. :(
Please put [magic_browzR] in the description for any bugs you file.
Other Notable Changes
User Interface
r2026 Double-clicking a tab's entry in Google Chrome's task manager (Shift+Esc) brings that tab to the foreground.
r2222 Your choices for Clear browsing data... are saved so the same boxes are checked the next time you open the dialog.
r2322 Add an "Add to dictionary..." option to the right-click menu for misspelled words. Use this to add a word so that Google Chrome does not highlight it as misspelled.
r2412 Fix an issue that could prevent users from saving bookmarks. Issue 1946.
r2413 Allow mutiple bookmarks to refer to the same URL (which can be useful if you want a bookmark on the bookmarks bar and also saved under Other bookmarks). To get a new bookmark for a URL, either drop a link on the bookmarks bar (not by dragging the star) or right-click the Bookmarks bar and choose Add page...
r2504 Adds a Page info option to the context menu (right click). This brings up the same information as double clicking the lock or warning icon in the address bar of an SSL page.


r2400 Add support for Adobe Reader's fast web view, which fixes a performance problem loading PDF files. Issue 206.
Javascript/Web API
r2061 Add anti-aliasing support for SVG shape-rendering="crispEdges".
r2250 Make navigator.language reflect the current UI language for Google Chrome instead of the operating system. Issue 1862.
SSL and SafeBrowsing
r1998 Fix a problem with links or redirects to pages containing malware. The warning page now correctly identifies the new page as the malware host, rather than the previous page.
r2098 Add support for Extended Validation (EV) certificates from GlobalSign.
r2363 Add support for Extended Validation (EV) certificates from CyberTrust.
Tab Model Rewrite (--magic_browzR)
r1996 Fix several issues on Vista, most notably that tabs were not selectable with the mouse.
r2205 Allow windows to be resized on Vista
r2406 Fix an issue with tooltips showing up in the wrong location.
r2223 Turn off making a request to determine the local URL for Google (,, etc) when Google is not your default search provider.
r2323 (related to r2223) Don't set a cookie when making a request to determine the local URL for Google.
r2287 Fix a problem that prevented Google Chrome from being uninstalled immediately. Issue 2321
r2457 Fix the Open dialog (Ctrl+O) so that it does not lock the directory from which you open a file. Issue 2617.
r2466 Fix proxy exceptions that include upper-case characters. Issue 541.
r2028 Fix a crash when using Find next (F3). Issue 1669,
r2090 Fix a crash when using View Source on an https page. Issue