Friday, September 12, 2008

Tip for "never remember password" in Google Chrome

If you have accidentally selected "never remember password" and now your password
will not auto populate for your gmail account there is a way to undo

You'll have to clear your browsing history, and then revisit Gmail and
login, and Chrome will then again ask you to remember your password
for it.


The Mandevilles said...

Actually, you have to "clear saved passwords" under the "clear browsing data" menu option.

Just clearing your history doesn't help - you have delete all your existing saved passwords in order to prompted from scratch again.

Zennifair said...

I cleared my cache, browsing history, and download history, and it worked fine. I didn't have to clear saved passwords. I went back in, and it asked me if I wanted Chrome to remember the password.

venkat said...

Even in case u click on “Never Save Password”, there is a way to undo it …
When u go to Options->Minor Tweaks, there is an “Exceptions” button in the passwords section. When u click on it, all sites where u have selected the never save password option appear.
So simply click on the exceptions button and remove the site(where u want the remember password option to appear) from the list …
Hope this helps .. :)

JANE said...

actually it's easier this way

- goto options> personal stuff> show saved passwords> exceptions

- here u'll find all the exceptions u clicked even by mistake.

- u can remove the address for which u want chrome to save passwords.

-then it'll prompt whether to save password the next time u go there.

hope that helps.

Sam said...

Thank you for the comments - I didn't want to have to delete all my saved passwords as the OP seemed to suggest!

Using the "exceptions" tab worked perfectly.

Techplex.Engineer said...

The best way to do this is to go to options > Personal Stuff (tab) > show saved passwords > exceptions (tab)

kline said...

Nice.. you guys helped me... you should advertise more.. coz i searched for liked 10 minutes for me to find you guys thx anyways