Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trouble installing Google Chrome?

Are you having trouble installing Google Chrome? These instructions 
will show you how to create a log file and send them to the Google 
Chrome team for investigation. 

Please note: It may contain your Windows username, as these are part 
of many Windows file paths. No other personally identifiable 
information will be included, just data around your system and Google 
Chrome's ability to install. 

For Chrome Installer Log: 
These instructions involve editing your registry.  If you're 
or unfamiliar with editing your registry, you may want to consult 
someone before 
following these instructions. 

1. Create a new registry entry under 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Update of type REG_SZ with the name 
"ChromeInstallerCleanup" and value "0". 

2. Run ChromeSetup again. 

3. Check under C:\Document and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp (on 
Windows XP) or C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp (on Vista) for a 
folder with the name CR_* 

4. Go into that folder. There should be two files - setup.exe and a 
chrome.7z file. Compress chrome.7z file using 7zip compression utility 
and name it as chrome.packed.7z. For more information about 7zip, see 

5. Open the command prompt (Start > Run > "cmd"), then navigate to the 
folder listed above. Once in that folder in the command prompt, 
execute this command: 

setup.exe --verbose-logging --install-archive=7z> 

6. Look under C:\Document and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp (on 
XP) or C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp (on Vista) for a file a 
called chrome_installer.log. 

7. Open this file, select and copy the text, and paste it into your 
Help Group post. 

Including this data will help the Google Chrome team understand 
exactly where the installer is running into trouble. We can then 
speedily work with you on a fix.